About Curabase

Bookmark management for teams and individuals

Curabase is a simple web app that helps helps teams and individuals share business-critical bookmarks easily and securely.

Your bookmarks follow you

With Curabase your bookmarks follow you to any web browser.

Organize your links in a way that makes sense

For too long we’ve dealt with folders and sub folders or organizing bookmarks. However, that makes the hard to find, and the end result is the we never go back. Our links collect "virtual dust."

With Curabase you layout your links in a nice two-dimensional grid that is not only pleasing to the eye, but it also makes things easier to find.

Simple drag-and-drop makes organization easy

  • Reorder links and groups with drag-and-drop
  • Changes saved instantly

Be more productive with our Chrome extension

Use our simple Extension for Google Chrome that replaces your new tab screen with your Curabase bookmarks. It is an excellent tool to make sure you and your team always have fast access to the most important links.

Not a Chrome user? No problem! Find your browser below to see how you can make Curabase your default home page.